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We Have a Winner

I always kind of thought that when the time came to decorate a nursery, I'd go with a minimalist approach. I think most of that stuff, while adorable, is part of a secret plot to get expectant mothers to spend money and keep up with the Joneses.

That said, B. and I can't live without the NoJo Jungle Tales baby bedding set! We want it all - the border, the wall hangings, the hamper, the lamp, the rug, the list goes on ...

I'm slightly disappointed that we caved to commercialism, but I think I'm more excited to get the border.

Back to School. Back to School.

I signed up for birthing class Friday. This one is over two evenings, as opposed to the six-evening and all-weekend options I had been looking into. I don't want to skimp on my birthing education, but I don't want to overdo it either. (Yes, I think there is such a thing. I think the less prepared I am for the actual birth, but better I'll do during it.)

Anyway, this class covers signs and stages of labor; OB anesthesia and medications; and relaxation and breathing techniques. Does that about cover it? Should I take a breastfeeding class too?

Where Does the Time Go?

I had my 24-week appointment Friday. Nothing exciting to report. The heartbeat sounds 'perfect'. I need to get a flu shot. I signed up for birthing class (more on that later). The one highlight was when my doctor seemed a little freaked out that I was 6 months along. He looked at my chart and said, 'Oh!' Of course, I thought something was wrong, but then he segued into 'Where does the time go?', 'Are you really six months along already?'.

Here's some advice doctor-man. I'm already a little freaked out about how quickly this is going. I don't need to hear it from you. And I doubt your other patients do either. So next time, keep your surprise to yourself ... unless you want me to start listing all the things I've got to do in the next 108 days. (Not that I'm counting.)

It's Going to be a Soccer Player

At my 20-week appointment, my doctor told me I'd soon know when the baby was moving. I thought I'd been feeling something for close to a week at that time, but wasn't positive. Within a few days, I was sure!

I've been trying to downplay this development because B. couldn't feel the movements. One time I called him over only to have the baby stop moving. Sunday (during the Bills game, of course!), B. finally felt a 'bubble'. But it wasn't until last night, at, oh, around 5 a.m., that he felt real movement. We're talking crazy movement. B. thinks the baby was doing jumping jacks or somersaults. I think he/she is going to be a soccer player!

What an amazing, awesome, special moment.

Come On In!

Well, it finally happened. I've lost my mind. I have no excuse other than that I'm pregnant.

B., Devo and I went to Taco Bell last night to pick up dinner. When we returned we were surprised to find the back door wide open. B. says I was the last one out ...

Already the Protector

Awhile back I told B. that I was supposed to sleep on my side (preferably left) while pregnant. Since then, he's made it his duty to make sure I'm doing just that! If he 'catches' me sleeping on my back, he'll jam his hand under my back until I roll over. Whatta guy!

Seeking Massage Advice

Since the instructor didn't show up for my first water aerobics class, the club gave me a gift certificate for a one-hour prenatal massage. Evidently this is another service they offer in addition to dry cleaning and car washing. (OK, I made the car-washing part up, but I wouldn't be surprised if they would wash my car if I asked. They're cool like that.)

Until about five minutes ago, I was pretty excited about this. The initial intent of this post was to ask when I should use it. I'm feeling pretty awesome right now, so I thought saving it until I was miserable was a good idea, but I wanted some feedback.

Now, after searching the World Wide Web for prenatal massage pictures, I'm starting to wonder if this is for me. Some of those pictures are pretty, um, personal. I can handle regular massages, but now I'm not so sure about the prenatal kind. Thoughts? Comments? Words of Wisdom?

Water Aerobics Kicks My A**

Just to clarify, I said 'water aerobics kicks my a**' not 'kicks a**' as in 'rocks' or 'is awesome'.

When I got in the car after my first official Moms in Motion lesson last night and made this statement, B. said he was glad. I thought that was a jerky thing to say until I realized he thought I said, 'water aerobics kicks a**'. I don't want to get hung up on verbiage here, but I want to make sure my point is getting across!

We started with about 30 minutes of cardio, started to cool down with about 10 minutes of strength exercises and ended with about 10 minutes of stretching. I never ventured out of the level 1 moves, but still I was ready to quit after 15 minutes. Water aerobics is either an amazing workout or I am ridiculously out of shape.

I'm feeling OK today, except for some sore calves, so I'm hoping I'll get the hang of it. Because, really, when else does it not matter how you look in a swimsuit?

Water Woes

I love water. Always have. Growing up, we had a Culligan water cooler in our house, so when I moved away to college, I got my own. (Yeah, I was a dork.) But lately, water and I aren't mixing. We use a Brita pitcher and have washed it thoroughly and changed the filter, but the water still tastes bad to me. For awhile I thought our glasses weren't getting clean in the dishwater, but even water drunk from a Styrofoam cup tastes bad. Bottled water, our office water and restaurant water are fine. B. thinks the water at home tastes fine and that I'm just crazy. Could this be pregnancy-related or am I crazy?