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What I Learned this Week: Teething

This week I learned that I don't have the stamina, patience or energy to have twins - because of the lovely little period called teething. If I can't soothe this little boy's pain, how the heck could I handle two babies?

My hat is off to all of you out there raising twins.

Baby Picasso

BB may not be able to sit ... or crawl ... or walk ... or talk ... or hold an art brush yet, but that didn't stop him from creating an entry for his child care facility's annual art show.

His masterpiece is that red and yellow splotch, er, work of art at the top of the octagon frame. That's him creating his art in the far left picture under the frame. We're so proud!

BB Likes his Monkey

(And in 15 years, he'll hate me for the title of this post.)

New Pictures have been Posted!

Can you believe I'm 6-months-old already? Me neither!

Check me out here.

Ha! I've got Proof!

Billy claims to hate crafts. However, I think he had a blast painting this piggy bank for Baby B. a few weeks ago. (P.S. If you're in the T-Town area, Paint Your Masterpiece is a good time.)

My New 'Puter

I love my computer!
Now I can be like my dad.
It also tastes good!
Really good.

6-Month Pics Posted

BB's 6-month photos are posted on our Winkflash page.

Let this be a Lesson to Me

B., Baby B. and I hit the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair Friday, taking advantage of one of our last free Fridays of the summer.

After walking for an hour or so, we took a little break under a nice shade tree where we shot these cute photos on our cell phones. Looking back, I really wish we would have had our 'real' camera with us. As my dad would say, 'let this be a lesson to you'.

Why Hello There!

BB's teachers e-mailed more pictures this week. This is our favorite! Have I told you how lucky we are to have him in such a good facility?

Gotta Love Sharpies

If you ask B., Sharpies are more useful than duct tape. The doctoring we did to one of BB's bibs this week is a perfect example!

New Pictures!

We've added BB's 5-month pics to Winkflash! Check him out!