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Back Off, Devo

Billy and I get a kick out of trying BB's baby food. The peas, green beans, squash, etc., taste remarkably like, well, peas, green beans, squash, etc. A few of the stage 2 mixed fruits have even been quite delicious. However, I learned this weekend that the chicken with chicken gravy does not taste delicious - and it smells like Devo's dog food.

How Cute is this Guy?

Answer: Very.

Is this how this works?

BB never used a pacifier, although we received a few as gifts and actually tried to entice him with them from time to time. He recently found this one and decided it was the perfect chew toy. He won't suck on it - and he holds the nipple like a handle - but it makes him happy.

Silly Sense of Humor

I have a feeling that I'm going to embarrass BB a lot when he gets older.

Happy College Colors Day!

Go Blue!

Let Me Out!

Couple things. One, BB is TOO YOUNG to be standing like this. Two, is he making out with the window? Or yearning to be free? You tell me.