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My Hippo has a Shoulder Strap

I just realized that we have a lot of pictures of BB with no clothes on. Oh, well. That's how we roll.

Anyway, the other night, BB got his leg stuck through the clear plastic ring of this hippo toy. Not sure how, but he was pretty cute laying on his belly with a hippo on his leg. Later, during his evening walk, he got the same hippo stuck on his arm.

The funny thing is that both times he just carried on like nothing was out of whack. Silly baby.

Hangin' with the 'Rents

15 years from now, when BB no longer wants to hang out with us, I'm going to show him these pictures as proof that at one time he thought we were cool.

He started the evening by helping me make dinner. (He's a fan of oregano.) Then after his own dinner, he watched the Indians game with B.


BB had his first taste of real food Sunday! We've heard it can take a few weeks sometimes for babies to get the hang of eating something other than milk, but he knew what to do right away. He opened his mouth when he saw the spoon coming and he moved his head toward the bowl when I wasn't scooping fast enough. I think he likes it!

Look at Me! I'm on TV!

OK. BB is not really on TV, but he is on video! Billy uploaded some videos to YouTube last night, including this one where he made BB dance. (Silly boys.) Check the rest out here.


Baby B.'s sporting his new sunglasses in his new swing! (He's also sporting a bib, which is a permanent piece in his wardrobe now that he's drooling like a champ.) (P.S. If you look closely at his nose, you can see the little scratch he made with his too-long fingernails.)

Tossing and Turning

I'm not sure why babies think this is a comfortable sleeping position, but it's adorable!

I'm a Baby - in a Bar

We went to visit Uncle Jae at El Zarape in BG last night. It was quite the evening for Baby B. A girl asked for his phone number, a girl kissed him and Jae gave him a shot (don't call CSB, it was actually an empty shot glass).

My Boys

Billy kidnapped Baby B. a few weeks ago to take these pics at the mall.
hey were part of my Mother's Day present.
(I'm a bit behind on the posting, huh?)

Just a Swingin'

We introduced Baby B. to a real swing last night.
We think he liked it!

Sleeping & Stretching

When we look back on all the photos we took of Baby B.'s first few months, I think we're gonna be shocked at how many pictures we took of him sleeping.

As soon as Winkflash cooperates (I'm starting to hate that site), I'll be posting pics from Month 4!