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So Peaceful

The piece-o-sh*t photo sharing site I choose for Baby B.'s pictures has been 'undergoing maintenance' since Sunday. So, to tide those of you asking for pictures over, here's one of my faves. I could just eat his little hands. (It's OK to say that, right?)

Baby Gnome

Aunt W. made this adorable gnome hat for Baby B. I'm bummed that he's already grown out of it. (Hint. Hint.)

A Stroll in the Park

B. and I are lucky to live a block away from two very nice city parks with paved walking trails. We take advantage of this amenity every chance we get and now that the weather is getting nicer, family walks are regular events. Last week, I ventured out with Devo and Baby B. It wasn't quite as relaxing as I'd hoped, but I didn't lose anyone!

Our Little Wiggle Worm

Before you say anything, yes, I know this is not how to use the sleep positioner. I put B. on it the right way, then went to shower. When I went back to check on him, he was happy as a lark, giggling away and laying like this. Guess I should move the bumper over a little more!

Sleepin', Burpin' and Swingin'

I don't know what's gotten into me - I'm blogging twice in one day! It's almost like old times!

There've been a lot of changes around here since I last blogged: Baby B. is out of newborn diapers and close to stepping up to stage 2; he's also moved from preemie to newborn to 0-3 clothes. Some things haven't changed though: He's still sleeping with B. and I. And he's still hard to burp. Here's a round-up (my favorite form of blogging lately):
  • B. and I have been (half-heartedly) trying to get Baby B. out of our bed and into his crib (or Pack 'n Play, we aren't picky). I think the most promising tactic is going to be a combination of sleep positioner and mobile - and consistency on our part. I give in when Baby B. cries and B. gives in when I cry. We're just a puddle of tears around here at night.
  • Baby B. had his two-month doctor's appointment, complete with shots, Friday. He did a lot better than I did. His screams literally broke my heart, but he recovered nicely. The doctor says all is well except for cradle cap, which is perfectly harmless. He's smiling more, holding his head up like a champ and growing like a weed. Given his 6'5" dad and 6'9" grandpa, we're assuming he's gonna be tall.
  • We're working on getting a photo site set up. I had to start over twice because I'm a perfectionist, but I promise to make it live this week. I'm hoping B. will use his skills to make us a real site sometime in the near future.
  • Baby B.'s periods of alertness are much more noticeable now. He has longer periods of being awake and active and awake and quiet. I spend a lot of time just watching him. When he's awake and active, he moves his arms and legs a hundred miles an hour. When he's awake and quiet, he takes everything in - our voices, the lights, movement, etc. During his active and quiet periods, we read to him and I try hard to make him smile at me. He'll smile at B. with very little effort, which is not fair.
  • We learned last week NEVER to use Parent's Choice diapers. We've had some unfortunate messes as a result.
  • I've also learned that pooping is a common conversation topic among parents. (In case you were wondering, Baby B. is on an every-other-day schedule.)
  • Devo is still doing good with the baby. He doesn't pay much attention to him, but I bet they'll be best friends in the coming years.
  • We've been taking a lot of walks at the park. I even ventured out on my own last week!
  • Speaking of venturing out on my own, the park is about as far as I've gotten. I did take Baby B. to Kroger though. It doesn't sound like much, but I consider it a major milestone.
  • We finally bought Baby B. a swing. Word on the street is that they are godsends. He seems to like it so far. We'll see what happens tomorrow when I put him in it so I can clean the kitchen.
  • Cleaning. I'm kinda glad the visitors have tapered off since I haven't been doing so hot in the cleaning department. Here's hoping the swing helps.
  • I'm pretty sure Baby B.'s eyes are gonna stay blue, like his dad's.
  • I'm becoming a pro at removing boogers from Baby B.'s nose.
That's the update for now. We are finally getting into a schedule around here, so updates should come more often (fingers crossed).