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Beep! Beep!

Yes, we were the weirdos taking pictures of our son in the TV cart at Meijer last night.
It was his first time, give us a break!

Spring School Pictures

Someone might have been a bit under the weather when these were taken.

Here's a Simile for You

Have you ever tried to put clothes on an octopus? I'm guessing it's a lot like trying to dress BB when he's not participating.

Random Cuteness

Giddy Up!

BB rode his first mechanical horse last night!
He grabbed the reins right away and wasn't the least bit scared.
He also wasn't scared the first time he rode this horse.
We have a definitely daredevil on our hands.

Happy Birthday Dig Dog!

Happy Birthday Devo!
Today is the day that we decided to celebrate Devo's birthday. Since some jack a$$ decided to ditch a box of puppies on the side of the road in the hills of West Virginia we don't know when his actual birthday is.  Although I do not approve of ditching dogs in the middle of nowhere I am glad that they decided to do the ditching the weekend we were on our whitewater rafting trip.  He has been the greatest dog and we know that he will continue his greatness.  
Love you Dig Dog!