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I love this picture!

Recently I was going through pictures so that I could put some current ones on my digital photo frame.  I came across this one and I absolutely love it, I had to stop the frame from doing the slide show so I could just have it up all day.
The Story:
We had just done some grocery shopping and A. could not wait to get home to have a cookie so she opened the bag before putting them in the trunk.  Then after carrying all the bags in some of them had to wait on the floor to be put away.  Little B.  fully crawling and exploring everything found the open cookies and decided to check them out.  Of course by check them out I mean put them in his mouth.  We saw the cookies spilled across the floor and grabbed the camera in time to catch some of it.

I Think They're Trying to Tell Us Something

Someone at Child Care put a paperclip in BB's hair to keep it out of his eyes today. I think someone needs a haircut. (Um, where do you take toddlers to get their hair cut?)

Happy 14-Month Birthday to Me!

BB is 14-months-old today! We sang to him, let him make a huge mess at dinner and gave him a nice little massage before bed. He's growing up so fast; I truly don't know where the time has gone. Here's what BB's up to:

* Fake coughing when we cough
* Walking like a champ
* Dancing
* Reading (he LOVES books)
* Exploring
* Pulling things out of drawers
* Stacking blocks
* Climbing into his stroller
* Giving high fives

BB likes to roam the house on his own, which we encourage. We like how independent he is, but we still keep a close eye on him. He hasn't been playing with his toys lately. If it's not a book or his popper, he isn't interested. He's started climbing into his umbrella stroller by himself and sitting there until we push him around. Luckily, the weather's been good, so we can push him outside and not just around the house! BB loves his baths and pushing buttons. He hates being told no, which we don't have to do a lot; he's a very happy, good-mannered baby. We're looking forward to spring's official arrival so we can get to the park. We found out last week that he loves slides! He also loves mac and cheese and chicken nuggets. He's not a picky eater at all, unlike his mom (so says his dad). Except for not sleeping through the night, everything is going great!

I Went Walking ...

... with my momma!

Low-Pressure Pitch

BB's Child Care is having a fundraiser to raise money for fun activities. If you're bored, take a look at the catalog here.

Foot Fun

In addition to eating green eggs in celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday, BB got to paint his feet and walk on paper last week.

(Am I too old to go to Child Care?)

Morning Phone Calls

BB took a second this morning to take care of a few phone calls. I love it when he is so happy in the morning.

Mama's Little Helper

Daddy's Little Helper

BB gave Billy a hand recently while he installed a new drain in our bathtub.

Green Eggs and Ham!

BB helped make green eggs today in celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday!

He's Just a Baby

BB is too young for a front-facing, big boy car seat. There has to be some mistake.