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Where We Went Wrong

Billy and I decided a week or so ago that decorating BB's nursery in monkeys was a bad idea. It may be cute, but we think BB thinks he's a monkey.

He can already climb up and down the stairs in our house, over the love seat and couch to the end tables and off our bed. He's so mobile that I have to admit I haven't been watching him as closely as I should. Which brings us to Turkey Day.

BB and I were sitting on the bed at his Gram's house. He was tired and hungry, but the excitement of a strange place and strange people downstairs was too much for him so we went upstairs to eat and nap. I was letting him burn some extra energy off by crawling around on the bed when the next thing I know he was laying on the floor.

We knew pretty much right away that something was wrong, but we couldn't find a particular spot that hurt, so we chalked BB's tears up to a bump on the head and teething and his continuing ear infection and the strange house and the strange people.

We took him to the ER after he woke up crying, something he rarely does, and Billy noticed that he wasn't putting any weight on his left leg. A few very nice and understanding doctors and one socially awkward but adept cast guy later and BB is sporting the latest trend in baby wear.

The lesson in all of this? Other than babies move fast and you have to watch them every second and beds aren't the best playgrounds? Don't decorate with monkeys. Seriously.

Ugly Hat. Cute Baby.

Let there be Decorations!

Since BB came a little early, we never quite finished his nursery. I decided last week that it was time to do something about that!

So, I hopped on Etsy and found a bunch of adorable vinyl wall stickers. We settled on the two shown here, but I have a feeling there'll be more in the future!