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Drinkin' and Drawin'

Whose kid is this?
Oh! Mine!

How Cute Are We?

BB's Transitioning to the Toddler Room

First nap in the infant room.
First nap in the toddler room. He's in a cot. Not a crib. A cot.

Can't type. Tears blurring vision.

First Haircut

BB had his first haircut a few weeks ago.
It was definitely harder on us than on him. He did great!

Pretty Much the Cutest Thing Ever

A Budding Artist?

I'm Noticing a Theme

Proof I Gave Birth to a Monkey

Before you think we're terrible parents, I am less than 1 millimeter outside the frame of this photo. Now, onto the funny stuff.

Billy was cleaning gutters Friday when BB decided he wanted to help. With me right behind him, he climbed up a good 4 or 5 rungs all by himself! I couldn't believe it; he showed no fear - and would have kept going if Billy wasn't in his way.

I set him on the ground, Billy climbed down and we let him climb one more time so we could take a photo. We won't be encouraging it; I do not want an X-gamer on my hands!

I'm Going to Regret This

I know I'm going to regret writing this post, but I've been dying to share our good news: BB is 'sleeping' through the night!

I say 'sleeping' in quotation marks because he's still waking up, but he's not getting up, meaning he's not waking up and needing a bottle. Mostly, he wakes up and cries, we turn his mobile on and he falls back to sleep.

I love that our mobile has a remote; we don't even have to go into his room - we point and click from the hallway! I'm afraid that I've just jinxed us, but this is a big step and I had to share!

They Lied

M&Ms do melt in your hand.