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Our Monkey Wants to Swim

Back when this picture was taken (roughly July of 2009), I knew that one day BB was going to take swim lessons. Yes, his father was a competitive swimmer back in the day, but his mom doesn't swim very well at all. Some might say not at all.

Since I don't swim very well, I wanted BB to learn the skills I never did. After an impromptu swimming outing with the McCartts Friday, we decided it was time. That boy is fearless. He kept trying to push Billy and I away in the pool - he was ready to explore on his own. But little did he know, the pool was a bit bigger than the bathtub and he couldn't touch the bottom.

While it was fun to watch BB enjoy the pool so much, it was also terrifying. I almost drown when I was 2, according to my dad, so my spidey senses were on high alert. The main problem was that if something did go down, I, with my weak swimming skills, wouldn't have been much of a help. So, BB starts swimming lessons tomorrow. I should probably start, too.