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A Tradition has been Started

Finally! A Stark Family holiday tradition!
The Toledo Zoo on Christmas Eve is thee place to be.
No crowds = the Zoo as it should be experienced.
We're lucky and happy Starks today!

BB's Favorite Reads

He has to read them every night. Over ... and over ... and over.
There are 2 more in the series we should get for the rotation.

So Smart

I've finally figured out why everyone thinks their child is super smart - kids learn things a lot faster than we remember. Of course someone is going to think their child is smart if they know all their body parts by 18-months or animal sounds by 22-months. That just seems unreal. But, unless we start polling our friends and family, that could be normal. I don't remember learning that a cow moos, I've just always known it.

That said (wink, wink), BB is super smart! I found this in his coloring book. That's good, right?

And So it Begins

I never understood why parents put up with that stupid purple dinosaur or stood in line for hours to get that silly giggling toy, but I think I'm about to.

Somebody loves himself some Elmo. He asks for him. Kisses him. Tells him ba-bye. I think we're going to be in trouble.

A Day in the Life of a Toddler

Christmas Tree Shopping

BB didn't get to participate in Christmas tree shopping last year, so I was excited to see what he'd do when we went this year. The answer? Not much. He was kinda skeptical of the situation.

Once we got the tree up, however, he was excited - oooing and ahhing every time he sees it!

Someone is Teaching BB Stuff

Last night, during an impromptu dance party, I learned that BB knows Ring Around the Rosie. He had to have learned it at Child Care, which is great, but kinda sad, too. I was so surprised/excited when he fell down on his own, but then I was a teensy tiny bit sad. Shouldn't I be the one to teach him that? I know I can't teach him everything, but it's kinda weird knowing that he already knows things I don't know he knows.

(This is probably the most non-sensical post I've ever written.)

Someone Likes Pie, er ...

... whipped cream.

Baby Fung Shui

Two more victims to the Diaper Genie - lip balm and nail clippers.