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Happy Halloween!

BB went trick-or-treating for the first time ever at the campground we stayed at this weekend. He made an adorable duck! Everyone said so. They also said it was perfect weather for a duck, which it was - cold and rainy. But, we saw a gorgeous, full, double rainbow! (Real pictures coming as soon as we get them off the camera.)

Back to trick-or-treating.

BB was really shy and his 'trick-or-treat's and 'thank you's were whispered, but he said them. He really liked the concept (surprise, surprise) and has enjoyed choosing which candy to eat next. 'Maybe this one' he says, then picks up another for consideration, 'maybe this one'.

Duck. Duck. ...

... Duck.

You know that saying about asking the same question over and over, expecting a different answer? That's totally what Billy and I (and by that I mean mostly me) have been doing to BB.

When we first asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween several weeks ago, he said a duck.

What? A duck? Why?

We don't know why he wants to be a duck, but that's been his consistent answer. So, a duck it is.

Zolo A Go Go Wow-o!

BB joined me at work this morning and while he was completely happy calling his daddy every two minutes from my work phone, a coworker brought these over for him to play with. I'm in love. (So was he, but mostly it was me.)

I can definitely see them in his future!

That's One Way to Wear Them

Billy and I are taking the laid-back approach to potty training. I truly believe that BB won't be wearing diapers when he's 5, so why sweat it? Plus, he has a lot going on right now, having just started preschool (where they actually LEARN stuff) and moving to our new house.

That said, he's been showing interest for several months and has been doing pretty well. We bought him a potty. We reward him with stickers. We encourage. We support. We never yell.* Even when he pees on my foot.

Since we've moved, we've even been encouraging BB to pee off the porch. Say what you will, he loves it, and my dad swears this is why my brother potty trained so early (you're welcome, Jason).

Billy is anti-Pull-Ups, but we wanted to keep our positive momentum going, so we let BB pick out 'big boy underwear' the other night. They are a hit! He wore them to school yesterday and, we're told, showed everyone the extra pair we stuffed in his pants pocket in case he had an accident. He only had one - all day! Yep, the kid went a solid 15 hours in underoos! (Technically, he kind of had an accident at home. He started, then stopped, but still required a wardrobe change, so we can call it two accidents. Still, not bad.)

Last night, he was pretty sad that he had to put on a night-time diaper. He resolved this by putting a pair of big boy underwear on over his diaper, but not before he tried them on his head.

* There's a mom at school who yells at her kids all.the.time. The worst was when her youngest son peed his pants right after they got to school. You could hear her yelling clear out the door of the building. I don't ever want to be that mom.