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I Like It!

We've been terrible at keeping this blog up-to-date, but that's completely BB's fault! He keeps us on our toes!

He's changed a lot since the last time we wrote any real update and I feel like I've missed sharing a lot of milestones. So, for now, please enjoy this one.

Just the past week or so, BB has really started expressing his likes, dislikes and feelings. I think a lot of this has been encouraged by his teachers at Child Care. We know they are working with him to 'use his words' when someone does something he doesn't like, such as stealing his toy.

Last week, after taking a drink of pop, he said, 'This is goood'. The other day, after taking a bite of beef jerky he said, 'No like'. And, after licking garlic salt off his hand (don't ask), he said, 'I like'.

It's awesome to hear him share these opinions! One of my favorite happened this morning when he and his daddy were wrestling. Billy 'fell' on BB, who exclaimed, 'This is fun!' and 'Daddy funny'.

I'm excited to find out what else he does and doesn't like!

The Boys

Our Unicorn!

Chuck E. Cheese's!

BB had a blast at Miss Maggie's birthday party!
Who knew Chuck E. Cheese's had so much for 2-year-olds to do!