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Parenting Lessons from Devo

Next Christmas, when we're buying our baby every toy under the sun, will someone remind us that Devo's favorite toy is a tennis ball tied in a sock? (And not any of the purchased toys in his basket.)

Two Down; One to Go

Remember back when I couldn't wait to 'feel' pregnant? Well, those days are over. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad, but some ugly pregnancy side effects are starting to rear their ugly heads. I guess that's what happens when you officially enter the third trimester.

Everything was A-OK at my 28-week check-up Friday. (Except for a slightly high blood pressure reading, which the nurse attributed to my busy day.)

I had to take the yucky glucose test Saturday (yes, that's the technical term). My fingers are crossed that it comes back OK, but I'm prepared if it doesn't. (Insulin was the cause of my fertility problems.)

I can't believe that I have to see the doctor every two weeks now ... or that it's time to send my pre-admission form into the hospital ... or that it's time to tour the maternity area of the hospital. The next three months are going to fly by. Someone remind me to enjoy them.

It's a Boy!

If you believe the old carrying high/carrying low wives' tale, I'm gonna guess that we're having a boy. Well, that and the fact that the baby is using my bladder as a pillow.

Seeing is Believing

Just when I think I have this pregnancy thing down, the baby goes and does something unexpected - and completely awesome.

First, the baby decided to literally kick its movements up a notch or two this weekend. Of course, I had to wake B. up, but I think it was worth it. These were by far the strongest and most numerous kicks so far.

Then later in the day, just as we were adjusting to this new level of movement, we actually saw the baby move! I had to stop everything I was doing (watching football) and watch my belly for the rest of the afternoon. Needless to say, I didn't get many things done on my to-do list!

Shower Question

Now that we're down to crunch time (99 days and counting), I'm starting to think more and more about my baby shower. A lot of the details are hammered, or being hammered, out, but I am at a loss with some shower etiquette.

Three people have now asked me if I was having a boy or a girl and when I said we weren't finding out, replied, 'Then how am I supposed to know what to get you for your shower?"

One of these people is an old friend and, to be honest, I wasn't going to invite her to my shower. Probably still won't. The other two are work colleagues. I have heard rumors that my office is throwing me a shower and (how cute is this?) B.'s office is throwing him a shower, but neither of these women work in either of our departments.

I like them both, and work closely with them both, but it never crossed my mind to invite them to anything. If they get me something on their own, that's super nice of them (and not necessary at all). However, I don't want to overlook them if they really did want to be invited. Thoughts?

It's a Girl!

Once again, I'm joking.

I thought it was time for another prediction. The newest (to me) theory states that if your baby's heartbeat is 140 beats per minute or faster, it's a girl. All of our beats have been above 140 so far. Hmm.

What Do You Wish You Would Have Done ...

... to prepare for life with a newborn?

I just read a list of things moms wish they would have done before their baby came home from the hospital.

One mom said she wished she bought more nursing bras so she wasn't washing them all the time. Another said she wished she hadn't bought so much newborn clothing. Another suggested learning how to use her breast pump before the baby was born.

So what about you? What would you recommend I do now to prepare for our baby's arrival?

One Flu Shot Coming Up

I've never gotten a flu shot before, but my doctor says I should since I'm with child so today's the lucky day.

Are you getting a one? Has getting it ever made you sick?

Why Do They Call it Heartburn?

It's not so much my heart that's been burning for the past few weeks as it is my throat and esophagus. Wow. I don't know what'd I do without Tums.