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Pedal! Pedal!

For BB's second birthday, we got him a Strider, aka pedaless, bike. He loves it and can get around pretty good on it. I don't think we use it outside enough for him to get the full benefits, but we'll work on that. The full benefits include earlier and better balance. Basically, pedaless bikes are supposed to help you skip the training wheel part of learning to ride a bike.

We don't care when BB learns to ride a bike. Or if he uses training wheels. We're just suckers for gadgets.

So, all that said, it's crazy to see my son ride a bike. Mostly because we didn't teach him. There've been a lot of times over the past 2 1/2 years where I've been amazed and saddened by this fact. For example, the first time I did Ring Around the Rosie with BB, I thought he was soooooo smart because he picked up on it so fast. Then I realize he probably plays Ring Around the Rosie at school.

He's also learned the Wheels on the Bus and Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, not from me, but from his teachers. I also 'blame' them for his ability to count to 9 and identify his colors.

Billy and I choose this for BB. We knew this could happen, but sometimes it still stings.

(Wow, a post that was supposed to be about how cute BB looks on a tricycle really took a turn, eh?)

A Photo Phase

We're going through a (hopefully) little phase where BB doesn't want to have his picture taken.
Tough for a mom who'd like to attach a camera to her eyeball so she could take pictures purely by thinking 'click' and then download them just by thinking 'download'.
I was lucky to get this one. Sad that it's a cell phone pic, but I wouldn't've gotten it any other way.
Yep, for once, cell phone photo delay came in handy!