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Picture Day

Fall 2010.

What's Up?

We have a very ornery son. He's a goofball. A funny, happy, energetic goofball. I'm pretty sure he takes after his dad in that sense.

He likes to read:and play in dirt:
and vacuum:

He's in that awkward clothes stage where 18-months clothes are small and 24-month clothes are big. He's starting to like to wrestle and purposefully fall off the bed or couch. Yesterday, while wrestling, he licked my nose. Not sure why he did it, but it cracked me up, so he kept doing it. He likes to make people laugh.

He's starting to watch some cartoons in the morning. Right now it's just Timmy Time and Special Agent Oso. We watch them with him while we're getting ready in the morning and ask him to find things on screen, like a ball or bike or dog.

Billy still loves books, but he's starting to like toys. He got some fun new-to-him things this weekend that he loves - especially trucks, which joined us for dinner the other night.

He can get moody if he doesn't get his way - or when he's getting dropped off at Child Care in the morning - but so far it's very manageable, normal toddler stuff.

He's had a very exciting fall. He's fed a deer and some goats, met some llamas, rode a pony, met a bunch of relatives and ate candy corn for the first time. He's also developed a liking of Elmo, who he calls Melmo.

He also has a lot of stuff on tap - Thanksgiving at the lake, Christmas, snow, Santa. It's going to be a pretty great winter!