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Cookies! Yummy!

BB has his first cookie yesterday at the Child Care cookie decorating party. He didn't do much decorating, but boy does he love frosting!

Happy 11-month Birthday!

BB the Red-Antlered Reindeer

It doesn't get much cuter than this!
Except maybe this.

It's Picture Time!

It cracks me up that BB has school pictures taken (once in the spring and once in the fall).

The poor thing had a cold - and you can tell it in his eyes - but the pictures still turned out pretty cute (not that I'm biased or anything).

BB's Tricks

I think my image of babies is entirely off-base. I had no idea how quickly they develop personalities or learn to interact with others. I also think we're going to have our hands full.

A few weeks ago, Billy taught BB how to make 'Indian' noises with his mouth. BB doesn't completely do it on his own yet, but if Billy or I put our hand to his mouth and tap, he makes noise.

He also likes to imitate us. The current hot sound is 'ah'. If we say 'ah', BB will say it. If we say 'aaaaaah', BB will say 'aaaaaah'. If we say, 'AH', BB will say 'AH'. It's hilarious and can go on indefinitely.

His last trick of the week is dropping things. The other day at lunch, he dropped his hat on the floor about a hundred times. He was having fun; I was having fun; people around us were having fun.

I can't wait to see what his newest trick is. I'm sure it'll happen any day now; he's not one to sit or stand still.

Leg Update

Children really are resilient. And adaptable. (I don't think I used that word right, but you know what I mean.)

Within hours of wearing his long-leg cast, BB was crawling. Within a day, he was climbing stairs. And within a weekend, he was standing up. This relieved a lot of my guilt. (And made me pretty proud of my little monkey.)

Thursday we met with a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, who changed the game plan a bit. He said BB really only needed a short-leg cast (yay!), but he didn't want to put a waterproof cast on (boo!). He also wants to leave the cast on for 5 more weeks, instead of 3.

Giving a 10-month-old a bath without getting his leg wet is hard. And I was really looking forward to having his cast off by Christmas. But, with the short-leg cast, BB is back to normal. He is crawling, climbing, standing and walking along furniture like a champ.

Trust Me, He's a Boy

In the past 4 days, poor little BB has been called a girl by 3 different people. Why is it that even when we reply with 'he' or 'him' people still insist on saying 'she' and 'her'? And since when does BB look like a girl?