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Not Too Shabby

BB's first birthday cake may not be Food Network-worthy, but I don't think it'll end up on Cake Wrecks either, so ... yay! Maybe Billy and I could start our own cake decorating show. No? OK.

Happy as a Clam

BB loves these vinyl/foam things at Child Care. If they're out when we drop him off, he forgets about us instantly.

Who or Oompa Loompa Part II

My Boys

I ♥ these guys!

Baby Fung Shui

That's BB's bottle. Under the piano bench. In our dining room.
I didn't put it there.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yay! It's my birthday! I get to eat cupcakes!

In the past year, a lot of exciting things have happened. I learned to roll over, crawl, stand and walk along furniture. I've been to New Jersey, touched sand and went to the top of the Cape May Lighthouse. I've eaten green beans, ravioli and celery, among other things. And I've met a lot of cool people - I have awesome parents, a silly doggy and some pretty cute girlfriends.

I like when mom and dad try to make me stand - and let me fall over on the bed. I like when dad throws me in the air - even though it scares mom. And I like when mom lets me tip her over - and bite her nose.

I try really hard to sleep and eat well, but it's hard to not climb instead. Sometimes mom and dad say I'm a monkey, other times they call me a mountain goat. And just the other day mom called me a St. Bernard because I was carrying something in my mouth while I crawled across the floor. I don't know what those things are, but I'll take it as a compliment.

All in all, my first year was pretty cool (except when mom broke my leg). I bet year 2 will be even better: I'll start running (I figure I'll skip walking, that's so 2009), add to my 8 teeth and start talking since mom and dad don't understand my babbling very well. I also want to go to another baseball game and go swimming again. Will you help me talk mom and dad into it? Please?

Forward, Ho!

I know. I know. We really shouldn't let BB ride around in the cart like this, but all possible safety precautions were being taken - and you have to do what you have to do to keep your baby happy, especially while in public.

Please notice how he's hanging on to his celery. The boy loves him some celery!

Who or Oompa Loompa? You Decide.

The art teacher at BB's Child Care decided to do his hair yesterday. She couldn't get it to stick straight up, so she worked her magic on his curls. It's hard to see, but she also made the sides and back stick out. Rumor is, he was loving it.

Sugar High!

BB's first cupcake!