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The Skinny on Baby Clothes

They say babies grow up fast, but I never realized how true that term was until we started dressing Baby B. for child care. When I was on maternity leave, Baby B. wore a onesie just about every day (unless we knew someone was coming to visit, then we'd dress him up). This left a lot of clothes just sitting in his dresser, waiting for a reason to be worn. Most of those clothes, like this adorable sleeper, will be lucky if he wears them once.

I'm bringing this up because today will be the first and last time he wears the outfit we put on him this morning (a cute brown animal print sleeper) - his little feet are begging to push through the bottom! Between his long legs (wonder where he got those from) and the inconsistency in sizing, Baby B. has a great wardrobe of adorable clothes that he'll never truly enjoy.

This has taught me to not take tags off clothes until I'm sure he's going to wear them. And not to buy people baby clothes. Instead I'm going to opt for books - one size fits all.

Whatta Cutie!

We can't pick just one favorite pic!

B.'s too Sexy for this Blog

Baby B. had his 3-month pictures taken today! We're super happy with them (although we're probably a little biased!) For the complete photo shoot, check out our online photo album.

The family photo is my Mother's Day present. I've never had a family photo taken so this was a big deal for me. Special thanks to Athena Bee's for doing my make-up!

Ask and You Shall Receive (12 Weeks Later)

Our online photo album is finally up and running. We have a lot more pictures to upload, but this is a start! Click here for pics and don't forget to add to your bookmarks!

Stop Me Before I Go Bankrupt

I haven't been feeling Etsy lately. I've had some disappointing customer service experiences and I hate waiting weeks and weeks and weeks to get my purchases. That said, I found some of the MOST adorable things for Baby B. this week. I managed to only buy these three.

He is on his own.

Lil' B is officially in childcare during the week now. His first day was yesterday and all went well! Mom had a few tears in her eyes, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was really surprised that we were able to put him in the crib and he didn't start fussing and crying, he has been liking his crib more and more recently.
It was great to hear that he has great neck control for a child his age. The little guy is already advanced, I'm so proud!

I got you a present!

Yesterday A. texted me and told me that she got me a present. She would not give me any hints as to what this present might be. It was killing me. I knew she went to the mall to eat some Chick-Fil-A (she loves that place), then she went to Kohls. I was totally thinking that she bought me a shirt from Kohls. Nope, it was way better. Lil' B and her took some pictures in the photo booth at the mall. Aren't they so cute?

Parenting Products

For the past few weeks, I've been obsessed with finding the secret to getting Billy to sleep in his crib. The Internet is full of products guaranteed to do the trick - swinging beds, co-sleepers, sleep positioners, Miracle Blankets, etc., etc., etc. It seems my generation is big on gadgets, go figure.

I haven't bought into any of the gadgets just yet, except for the sleep positioner, which is making B. and I more comfortable about co-sleeping while we continue our efforts to move Billy to his crib.

People my parents' age and older are quick to tell me that they didn't have all these 'handy' products when their children were babies. It's similar to the 'I walked two miles to school - barefoot and uphill both ways' stories they like to tell. So, I wonder how they feel about Pee-pee Teepees for the Sprinkling WeeWee. I don't own one (although it would have come in handy a time or two), but I think I want to!