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A Day in the Life of BB

This crib feels like jail.
Lovin' the spinny thing.
Walkin' the dig dog.

BB's First Kiss

The lean.
The kiss.

Happy Father's Day

to the best dad in the world!

Is it Really that Time Already?

I think so!
He has 12 teeth, including four molars!

BB Loves ...

pasta sauce
and reading.

Listen to Me, Man!

I so wish I knew what Maggie was telling BB.

Meet Our New Babysitter

All the construction on our street has been annoying, but it's been fun to see BB become enthralled with it. At first, he showed cautious interest when he'd hear the trucks. We'd hold him in front of the window and he'd cling to us for dear life, all the while trying to get a closer look. A few days ago, he ran for safety when a bucket truck came around the corner. But as of yesterday, he's a fan. He likes standing on our built-in in the dining room, with us close by, of course, watching the big yellow machines. He also likes laying on his tummy on our bed, with his head on his hands and his feet in the air, watching the activity from our window. I'll be sad for him when they're done (although I'll be excited to be able to park in our driveway again).

Did He or Didn't He?

A couple weeks ago, BB came down with a high fever. We chalked it up to another ear infection and took him to the doctor. Our regular pediatrician wasn't available, which is probably part of what is causing my skepticism, but we got in right away, which was nice.

The sub doc diagnosed him with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, based on a peek at his throat and a pimple on his tongue. She told us to expect a rash, blisters, etc. She said he'd get worse before he got better and it sounded kinda gross.

About a week later, he got this one blister. We thought it was the official start of HFaM, but nothing else ever popped up. No rash. No other blisters. No mouth sores. Nuttin'.

So, we're confused. BB may have had the 'best' case of HFaM ever, or he was misdiagnosed. Either way, he's all good now!

A Phase I Could Do Without

See that cute little guy? The one extremely happy to be playing with his mom (and chewing on a pencil)? He doesn't love me anymore.

For going on two weeks, the only person BB wants is his dad. I took it in stride the first week or so; I know this is just a phase. But the other night, when he pushed me away and wouldn't let me rock him, I cried a little bit.