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Sleepiness is a Symptom

The question I get most since coming out about the pregnancy is, 'do you get morning sickness?' Luckily the answer is no. Instead, I'm tired, no, fatigued. All the time. Like 24 hours a day. But when I tell people that, they don't seem to care.

I'm not looking for sympathy (really, I'm not), but pregnancy tiredness is nothing to scoff at.
I haven't done laundry or dishes in weeks. I can't remember the last time I even thought about looking for the Pledge. And Devo's lucky I remember to feed him dinner as I'm usually in bed before I eat dinner, which is good because I haven't had enough energy to cook. Ask B. (he's the one doing everything around the house).

I don't know what I'd do without him. It's especially good that we carpool to work (and he drives) because I've been known to fall asleep in the 12-minute drive home.
So, yes, morning sickness would suck, but sleeping all the time isn't cool either.

Sharing the Good News

So much for waiting to tell our family and friends the news. The word is out and spreading like wildfire. However, I am still holding off on the general announcement until Week 12. (Not that anyone's going to be left to hear it.)

Along the way, there've been people I've been excited to tell and people I've been afraid to tell. One of the people I've been most excited to tell is my friend S. A few weeks ago (before I knew about my condition), she told me her good news, which was really exciting. Her 'bean' is a true honeymoon baby!

Because it's been hard to connect over the phone, and because I was excited to tell her, I broke the news through text. Something I swore I wasn't going to do. (Sue me, I was living in the moment.)

I think it's going to be really fun to share this journey with her. She's due 10 days before me and we've already discussed her holding off a bit and me rushing things a bit so that our babes can be born on the same day.

Where's the Proof?

Today is the 8-week mark! According to BabyCenter, our baby is the size of a kidney bean. I know that's pretty small, but I still thought I'd 'feel' pregnant by now.

Other than being Tired (with a capital 'T') and going to the bathroom a lot, I've been pretty symptom free, which makes this all a little less real. Not that I'm asking for morning sickness ...

It's Official

It wasn't until June 30th that the doctor officially declared me pregnant. Two blood tests confirmed what the now 4 home pregnancy tests did, but until they saw the heartbeat, they wouldn't say the 'p' word. That was a bit frustrating. But, when we saw the heartbeat - an extremely strong one, so said the doc - it finally felt real.

We had a few tense moments while the doctor checked for twins (he said my hcg numbers lead him to believe it was a possibility), but alas, I was only carrying one little one.
Once the doctor was convinced me and the baby were in good shape, he announced that he was releasing me to my OB-GYN. More tests ahead. And only 4 weeks before we spill the beans.

Holy Sh*t

B. and I have been planning this whole baby thing for about 18 months. There were a few hiccups along the way. A doctor change. A few false hopes. And a lot of frustration. But on June 6, the verdict was in - it finally 'took'.

Three tests and two days later, I told B. He had left for the annual whitewater rafting trip the morning of the 6th and I didn't think it was cool to tell him such news over the phone (or through text), thus the wait. It was incredibly hard, but it did give me a few days to stop crying.

When B. got home from West Virginia, I didn't even let him carry in his bags before I broke the news. He, of course, already knew. Or so he says. I think he knew my schedule better than me, and therefore knew I was late. He also said he thought it was 'suspicious' that I wanted to go out to dinner when he got home. (I don't know why; we eat out just about every night anyway.)

Our First Post

Despite our best efforts otherwise, B. and I are growing up. This December will mark our 10-year anniversary. We've been homeowners for 4 years. And ... we're going to be parents! Yep, there's a bun in my oven. What better time to start a family blog?

Blame it on the age we live in, or B.'s obsession with all things computer-related, but this seemed to be a good way to (over)share our experiences with parenthood. Don't worry. We won't bore you with tales about our baby's IQ, or beauty, or athletic prowess (much). Instead, we'll share some pics, some funny stories and maybe even ask for help from time to time. Because despite how great of dog parents we are, this baby thing is kinda scary (and exciting).