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BB's All Boy

Thanks to the construction that's been going on on our street forEVER, BB is entralled with construction equipment. He loves standing on our dining room banquet and watching the goings on out the window. I wrote about it here months ago.

He loves dump trucks and backhoes and forklifts so much that we couldn't resist getting him this guy. He looooved it. Even tried riding it.

Baby Fung Shui

Poor Iron Man. Not sure why BB thought he belonged in the dishwater.

What a Cutie!

Check out pictures from our recent trip to the Toledo Botanical Garden here.
(Hire Seth Foley, photographer to the stars, here.)

BB's Latest Treasure

It's going to be really fun playing 'I'm going on a trip' with him.

How Cute is this Guy?

Even in black and white I wanna eat him up!