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Happy Halloween!

Kids Get Boogers

You need Boogie Wipes. I don't know what's in these things that makes them work so good, but they get even the most stuck-on snot off BB's nose in one painless swipe.

The Beginning of the End

We noticed Billy is doing more and more that will lead to his walking,
so we decided to help him along and got him a walker.
Right off the bat it was like he knew what he was supposed to be doing.
It is a little scary to see him use it so easily,
and we know it will not be long before we are chasing him all over the place.
Oh how the time has flown by so far. There are more videos of Billy

Happy 9-Month Birthday!

Nine months ago today. Wow.
More 9-month pics here.

Oh, Can I Eat That?

BB went for a stroll around campus the other day. I'm pretty sure that after this picture was taken, he grabbed a leaf and put it in his mouth. That's what he does.

Our Little Picasso

When BB's teachers say he likes to be right in the middle of everything, they mean he likes to be right in the middle of everything.

If We Have To

I don't think we can pull the hippie thing with BB any longer. He is in child care, so people might report us. It's time to get him shoes - so I ordered these from Etsy. Adorable, no?

In this economy,

it's never too late to start thinking about your career. BB's thinking gymnast or male cheerleader. Anyone know what the market looks like for those positions?

The Billies

These would be great pictures if it weren't for that ugly sweatshirt Billy is wearing.


Vacation is exhausting. Just ask BB.

I hope to have pics from Cape May posted on Winkflash soon!

I Know I'm Biased ...

... but isn't he cute?


I thought Billy and I did a good job of baby-proofing the house a few weeks ago, but the splish-splash sound we heard from the bathroom the other day proved us wrong. Yep, it's time to ALWAYS shut the toilet seat and - better yet - install one of those locky things.

(Don't worry, BB didn't fall in. He was just happily slashing.)