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Official 2-Year Photos

Field Trip to Tim Horton's

Toddler 2 is learning about coffee in class, so of course a field trip to Tim Horton's was in order! Rumor is, the kids had a great time. (Duh, they got donuts.)

It is your Birthday!

Happy Birthday!  You were so little then and you are getting so big.  Love you!

Wing Fest '10

The things you find when you clean your home office.

Sneak Peek

A low-res sneak peek at BB's second birthday photos!
The official set will be ready Friday!


It's amazing to me when this little ball of energy slows down and concentrates on something.
He can be so serious sometimes - and so wild and crazy others.


This guy loves cookies!

Favorite Christmas Picture

Unposed. BB on the left. Cousin Daid on the right.

Baby Fung Shui

The other day, BB decided our forks and spoons and knives needed a new home. Evidently he's as annoyed by our silverware drawer not shutting right as I am. I found that this is actually a much more convenient home. Making a bowl of cereal? Need a spoon? It's right there!

This is the Hand of an Almost 2-Year-Old

I don't do this often enough.