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Break Out Your Credit Card

Now that we live in the country, BB needs this!
You know, for sticks and stones and frogs and stuff.
Only $8 at Family Dollar!

The Moon

BB's been spotting the moon on the way to work the past few mornings, which makes him really excited. He says it's following us and gets sad when he can't see it anymore.

Yesterday, and again today, he said something like, 'There's a man up dere'. When we ask for more details, he doesn't elaborate, but I'm pretty sure someone's told him there's a man on (or in) the moon. Or maybe he sees him. (I never could, but that doesn't mean he's not there, right?)

A Conductor in our Midst?

BB loves trains. A lot. It's cute.

Today he asked his dad to put his window down in the car, then proceeded to say:

"Hi, train. Hi, tracks. Hi, choo-choos. ... Bye, train. See you later. After school."

I love him.

Silly Stickers

Someone loooooved the stickers the cashier gave him at Kroger last night.
There are even some on his legs.