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Ba da ba da da!

He's loving it!
Love this pic taken at McDonald's last weekend by one of BB's favorite babysitters.


The Art of Chillin', Stylin' and Searchin'

I envy BB's ability to chill. Not a care in the world.
Except who's going to start the next episode of Dora.

He did not get his fashion sense from me. Or did he?

Love Oriental Trading, if only for their catalog.
BB can spend a pretty decent amount of time searching the pages for things I call out:
boats, dogs, fish, balls, stars, balloons, something orange, etc.


BB had a love/hate relationship with the tornado slide at the park we went to last weekend.
(No I did not take this picture. I was rushing in to rescue him!)

Toddler Fung Shui

Is that your oven ringing?