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Look What Mom and Dad Bought Me!

I'm So Proud

In the past 13 months, we've had a lot of firsts with BB. And a lot of proud moments.

Sitting up, rolling, crawling and walking are the obvious ones. But the first time BB climbed up the stairs alone, and the first time he climbed a stepladder, were even more exciting to me.

The most exciting of all happened Thursday when he walked over to me, handed me a book and sat down in my lap. I almost cried.

Since Thursday, he's done the same thing every day a dozen times, and each time it swells my heart.

(Yes, I'm sappy, but if BB already enjoys books, I feel as though I'm doing an OK job at this parenting thing.)

Don't Put that in Your Mouth


Silly BB

BB is definitely his father's son. That's the only explanation for him squeezing between the piano and dining room wall yesterday.

Baby Fung Shui

Billy's shoe. On top of water jugs. I never thought of putting it there!

Baby Fung Shui

That's our remote. In a basket of BB's stuffed animals. (We didn't put it there.)