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What I Learned this Week: Teething

This week I learned that I don't have the stamina, patience or energy to have twins - because of the lovely little period called teething. If I can't soothe this little boy's pain, how the heck could I handle two babies?

My hat is off to all of you out there raising twins.


Shaun said...

Baby Motrin and Orajel. Give him the Motrin, then rub the Orajel on his gums. It will help keep him numb till the medicine kicks in. Also, get a mesh feeder from Munchkin, put some grapes (or any fruit) in the freezer, then put some in the feeder for him to chew on. He gets fruit, and relief! Worked like a charm for us.

Kay said...

That picture made me sad! Poor little Billy!

Kelly said...

Shaun nailed it! My girls' doc said that you should overdose a little on the motrin at bedtime, too. It adds anti-inflammatory to the pain relief which makes the pain relief even better. =)