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He Strikes Again

I totally know how this went down. BB was building something - probably a house, that's what he wants to do when he grows up - and got thirsty. He went to the fridge to grab a pop - his latest beverage of choice, I'm a terrible parent - and in the race to quench his thirst, left his drill in the fridge. Happens to the best of us. (And makes me laugh every time.)


Gerry said...

Maybe he was working so hard building that the drill overheated and he needed to cool it down!! At least he didn't leave you what Daid left Mattie in the refrigerator.LOL

Nadja said...

Oh my gosh I love the random weird things I find places. Naked Barbie in the utensil drawer has been my favorite. Pee in the vegetable crisper has been my least favorite.

B. said...

@Nadja Pee in leftover pizza box is what our nephew did and what my mom referred too.

Kinda funny when it isn't you, but I am expecting karma to get me for laughing about it.